What are some major imports in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia trade imports include food, animals, machinery, transport equipments, fuel, cereals, vehicles and textiles. China is the largest import partner for Ethiopia. It accounts for over 16% of the total import volumes, based on 2009 statistics.

Keeping this in consideration, what countries does Ethiopia trade with?

Ethiopia – Foreign tradeCOUNTRYEXPORTSIMPORTSSaudi Arabia3921Italy32112Switzerland2910United States1861

Also, is Ethiopia a rich country?

Ethiopia has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and is Africa’s second most populous country.Economy of Ethiopia.StatisticsGDP per capita rank167th (nominal, 2018) 164th (PPP, 2018)GDP by sectoragriculture: 34.8% industry: 21.6% services: 43.6% (2017 est.)

What is Ethiopia known for producing?

Principal crops include coffee, pulses (e.g., beans), oilseeds, cereals, potatoes, sugarcane, and vegetables. Exports are almost entirely agricultural commodities, and coffee is the largest foreign exchange earner. Ethiopia is also Africa’s second biggest maize producer.

What is Ethiopian known for?

The capital of Ethiopia is Addis Ababa, which means “new flower” in Amharic. Probably due to the high altitude in the country, Ethiopians are famous for being great long distance runners. Lake Tana is the source of the Blue Nile River, which meets the White Nile River in Sudan to form the Great Nile River.

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