What are symptoms of white muscle disease in cattle?

Cattle affected by the delayed form or white muscle disease may exhibit signs ranging from general unthrift and stiffness, to walking with an arched back and spending more time recumbent, depending on the level of selenium in the diet.

Furthermore, can white muscle disease be cured?

Treating the heart form of white muscle disease is usually ineffective. The muscle form of the disease can be treated with supplemental selenium and/or vitamin E. Additional vitamin E may need to be provided through an injection of vitamin E alone or through oral vitamin E products. Prevention.

Additionally, what animals can get white muscle disease?

White muscle disease (WMD) is caused by a deficiency of selenium and/or vitamin E. It is a degenerative muscle disease found in all large animals including sheep and goats.

How is white muscle disease treated?

Cattle affected by white muscle disease have been treated with sodium selenite and vitamin E in sterile emulsion. This can be administered SC or IM, at 1 mg selenium and 50 mg (68 IU) of vitamin E per 18 kg (40 lb) body wt.

What causes white muscle disease?

Nutritional Muscular Dystrophy (Nutritional Myopathy or White Muscle Disease) is a disease caused by a deficiency of selenium and vitamin E in dietary intake. Soils that contains low levels of selenium produce forages and grains that are deficient in selenium.

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